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ORCA - One Regional Card for All

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Get details on the two programs businesses and other organizations can participate in to provide benefits for employees or affiliates: Business Choice and Business Passport.

Compare the differences

Business Choice Business Passport
Best for Companies that need a program for monthly passes or E-purse (stored transportation value). Companies that need an annual pass program.
Requires minimum number of employees No Yes

Minimum 20 employees.

Or minimum 5 employees for companies in downtown Seattle, Belltown, International District, downtown Bellevue and downtown Tacoma.
Requires written agreement One-time agreement Annual agreement
Online card Management Monthly management of employee ORCA cards by serial number, group, or branch As needed
Who pays for the products? Company decides whether to subsidize all, some, or none of the cost. Company subsidizes 50 to 100% of the cost of each pass.
Cost per employee Monthly retail prices apply. Annual bulk pricing depending on company location.
Payment terms Pre-pay by check or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). Other payment terms may be available from the Lead Agency. Post-pay by check.
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What are the features and benefits of each program?

Business Choice is Flexibility

With Business Choice you can provide ORCA cards to as few or as many cardholders as you choose. Business choice lets you include a monthly pass for bus, train or ferry travel plus stored transportation value via the E-purse, on a single card.

Business Choice
features include:
  • Subsidize all, some or none of the cost of employees’ transit passes.
  • Provide cards only to those employees using transportation services.
  • Order products and manage cards online.
  • Load multiple products on a single card. Monthly retail rates apply.
  • Provide subsidy via an E-voucher.
  • Provide subsidy via the E-purse.
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Product list

Business Passport is Comprehensive

ORCA Business Passport is a reasonably-priced, comprehensive, annual transportation pass program for employers with a minimum of 20 employees. Employers in downtown Seattle, Belltown, International District, downtown Bellevue and downtown Tacoma can participate with as few as 5 employees. If your company has more than 500 employees, then we will work with you to create a customized Passport program. Please contact us for more details.

Interested? Please contact us for more details.

Business Passport features include:
  • Access to bus services on Community Transit, Everett Transit, Kitsap Transit, Metro Transit, Pierce Transit and Sound Transit
  • Access to train service on:
    • Sound Transit Link light rail
    • Sound Transit Sounder commuter rail (including Rail Plus partnership with Amtrak Cascades)
  • Seattle Lake Union Streetcar
  • King County Water Taxi
  • Kitsap Transit Foot Ferry
  • 100% vanpool fare subsidy on Community Transit, Kitsap Transit, Metro Transit and Pierce Transit
  • 100% vanshare fare subsidy on Community Transit, Kitsap Transit, Metro Transit and Pierce Transit
  • Emergency-guaranteed ride home service.

Company benefits include:
  • Comprehensive annual transportation pass program within a single card.
  • Reduced administrative costs. The Passport annual program does not require monthly online administration or knowledge of what type of passes employees need.
  • Management of employee cards online.
  • Option to combine with Business Choice or E-voucher program to cover ferry riders at additional cost.
  • Equitable transportation benefits to all employees.

Employee benefits include:
  • Daily flexibility to choose how to get to work.
  • Low-cost or fully-subsidized commute benefits.
  • A single, easy-to-use card to access many different modes of transportation.

How much does Passport cost?
Cost varies depending on the location and quantity of company work sites. The program requires that a pass be purchased for every benefits-eligible employee.

If you already subsidize transportation for some employees, we recommend that you compare your current transportation expenditure to the cost of Passport for all your employees. Passport is available to individuals only through their participating employer.

Contact us for pricing information or questions.